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Celebrate Earth Day by Creating a Better “Hiring Planet”

Posted by Joonko on Apr 22, 2020 10:26:55 AM

earth day -03As talent professionals and HR leaders, we have a responsibility to tend and care for the planet that surrounds us. Much like our world, our hiring landscape has experienced many changes over time. We have built foundations for new processes, we’ve demolished procedures, shaken up metrics, and tapped into new wells to source talent. 

Modern-day recruiting and hiring are filled with a wealth of renewable resources. We’ve broken ground on natural and sustainable methods to care for our candidates and teams and we’ve worked diligently to reduce our carbon footprint on the candidate experience. So, in celebration of Earth Day, let’s look at how we reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore the things that work best for us as leaders in our industry. 

Steps4Reducing Sourcing Time

For many recruitment teams, sourcing is one of the most complex parts of the hiring process. We scour job boards, LinkedIn profiles, and referrals for hours on end each week - but as the earth has aged, so has our ability to make sourcing effortless. Recruitment and hiring teams can easily reach untapped potential at the bottom of the talent well by implementing new tools that create streams of candidates that are perfect for the job and bring unique experiences and backgrounds to the table. In thinking about energy and resources involved in the sourcing process, adopting these tools helps conserve energy and leads to sustainable sourcing methods. 

Steps3Reusing Potential

As companies scale, the need for talent scales along with it. Oftentimes, hiring teams begin trekking up mountains of applications and swimming through oceans of emails and interviews on a quest to fill an open position. However, reusing the resources already available to you is a renewable way to fill newly opened slots. Try appointing new leaders from within your organization rather than tearing through forests to dig up new talent. Give your current employees the opportunity to plant their roots and grow themselves along with your company. Reusing the talent already at hand streamlines the process and gives you the opportunity to grow the company at a more sustainable rate. 

characters illustrations-09-2Recycle Talent

Don’t lose out on quality talent altogether, recycle hard-sourced talent to other branches or offices within the company. Perhaps a candidate would better fit in a different role within the company but at another location. Many times, if a quality candidate doesn’t fit the mold for the position at hand, hiring teams dismiss those candidates and start draining other resources to find new options. Why not recycle that talent and save yourself and the “hiring planet” mounds of strife? 

characters illustrations-11Restoring Diversity

As we think about conserving resources from the talent process, this is a great opportunity to restore the Diversity and Inclusion efforts within your company. Whether that’s sending an uplifting candidate rejection email or spotlighting your diversity and inclusion efforts with a monthly newsletter, small changes like these can quickly enhance and restore the diversity within your workplace. One of the most beneficial ways to build on your companies success is to keep a sustainable focus on hiring more underrepresented groups. This will lead to innovation, higher profits, and a workplace that will withstands the test of time. 

As leaders on the Hiring Planet, we must look for sustainable ways to preserve and grow our talent processes. We must be consistent in how we care for our candidates, how we replenish our resources, and how we grow on the existing talent we already have. Demonstrate the importance of the Hiring Planet to the leaders in your organization and you will surely persuade them to become stewards of the process and drive them to plant new seeds of innovation to sustain the success of the company. 


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