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A Salute To National Veterans Day Through Pride and Product

Posted by Joonko on Nov 11, 2019 2:15:41 PM

National Veterans Day Display of many American flags (for observation of a federal holiday) with long parallel shadows early in the morning

100 years ago, National Veterans Day was established to honor those who have served our country fearlessly, and historically stands in honor of the veterans of our past and present.

Veterans today consist of 7.6% percent of the population …..however, veteran unemployment rates have been declining since 2010 rapidly. In fact, in 2017 the Veteran unemployment rate landed at 3.7%, but even still Veterans are challenged with finding a suitable position due to required skill transition.

When Veterans leave the service it’s often times just like starting over. While Veterans are an exceptional group of candidates, often from diverse backgrounds with unique experiences and eager to build careers after their service, many lack the degrees or certifications many employers require.

So, in honor of 100 years of Veteran appreciation, we’re extremely proud to announce our newest and perhaps most honorable feature — Veteran Sourcing.

Starting in Jan. 2020, Joonko will go above and beyond standard diversity and honor those who have served and protected us here in the United States.

Joonko is the first company to support veterans outside of job boards, which shares open positions that fit their skills and qualifications, and enables companies seeking to support and hire veterans, a rapid stream of qualified veteran candidates who are capable of doing the job.

Incorporating former military men and women requires innovation, creative thinking and first and foremost - dedication to the cause. However once hired, veterans are an extremely precious and loyal part of your workforce.

How and what can veterans contribute to your workplace?

Check out our list below where we map out all the added benefits of hiring a veteran, trust us, you’re in for a ride!

Well-Rounded Leadership

National Veterans Day group-of-solider-fall-in-line-38272From the very beginning of their military career, veterans are tasked with and understanding of leadership. Whether reporting to a troop leader or leading an internal group in itself, from the start, leadership plays a major role in the veteran experience. This impactful understanding of leadership shapes veterans into excellent candidates. There’s no second-guessing when it comes to orders. They show up, they stand out and lead by example.

Advanced Learners

As veterans go through basic training, there are procedural practices and high expectations that enforce the learning curve. Veterans must adapt to new skills, concepts and ways of thinking in order to excel in their missions. It’s vital they apply the skills they learn under pressure into real time situations and grasp proper reactions to complicated outcomes. A Veteran’s ability to download and understand new topics, facts and policies is like that of no other candidate.

National Veterans Day Diverse Soldier ArmyRooted in Diversity

It probably comes as no surprise this is our favorite attribute of Veteran candidates. The military is comprised of some of the most diverse backgrounds in any field. When serving in the military, race, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, religion or any other personal identifier doesn’t dictate a person’s capability. Every individual is held to the same standard under the same pretense — to protect and serve the United States. Working and fighting side-by-side with others from different backgrounds make veterans superstar candidates for building environments focused on inclusion and belonging.


Because of the many technical jobs in the armed forces, veterans often understand the technology in their details. This is most beneficial when it comes to implementing new technology or training new, less advanced technical employees. A Veteran’s ability to adapt to technology is one of their most impressive traits. This adaptability stems from experience gathered from around the world. Veterans often see different types of technology and likewise have influenced technology’s evolution over time. Though it may not be the skill that first comes to mind when thinking of hiring a veteran, put them in front of a computer and watch them shine.

5-soldiersNational Veterans Day Teamwork -holding-rifle-running-on-white-sand-during-87772Teamwork is life

As Veterans complete training, one of the most important life skills learned is teamwork. Veterans are taught to never falter from their team and understand without structure on the team, the mission will fail. This is especially beneficial when dealing with deadlines or presentations. Military individuals don’t petition the structure of the team, rather when assigned a job or duty, they understand their role and the part it plays in the bigger picture.

Pressured Performance

National Veterans Day active-adult-air-force-angry-279991

We all know that feeling. It’s almost 5 o’clock, the deadline is approaching and we need to produce great work under even greater pressure. This is everything a veteran stands for. When on the battle ground, veterans aren’t given the luxury of making mistakes. There are lives and an entire country at stake. This type of pressure morphs veterans into smooth-sailing, deadline-meeting, excellent work-making savants. To be honest, Veterans most likely would never even get close to putting themselves in a situation as such.

Salute to Procedure

Sir, yes, sir! Veterans love structure. It's day, night, and the entire philosophy. Veterans are the candidates you want when keeping a schedule and reaching benchmarks are of the highest priority. They understand the framework procedures establish in an organization and will uphold the basis of those procedures at all costs. Vets hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for themselves and their subordinates no matter the situation. From sunrise to sundown, Veterans have an intimate relationship with procedure which is an asset to any workforce.

Organized Discipline

bao-menglong-Rdgk7B8FDpM-unsplashLet’s talk about following the rules. It’s not easy for everyone. Many people question authority, or attempt to alter the course of events, however, Veteran candidates understand the process as is and maintain their discipline around it. Discipline is the bread and butter of the Veteran workforce. Rules have a meaning and without them, chaos would rule. When it comes to following rules and being disciplined in their actions, there’s no better class of candidate than a Veteran hire.


National Veterans Day American Flag

In other words...


Without veterans, our country wouldn’t be what it is today. Our military provides a level of commitment and honor many of us will never understand. Putting aside differences to fight and protect the lives of each and every individual in this country regardless of background, belief or lifestyle is an admirable and selfless practice.

May Veterans everywhere understand the respect we carry for them, and the appreciation we have for their service. To further honor Veterans this year, find some ways you can give back to those who have given so much to us.

Happy National Veterans Day from all of us here at Joonko!

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