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Small Email; Big Impact: Stamping A Brand On The Candidate Experience

Posted by Joonko on Feb 27, 2020 2:19:54 PM


Telling a candidate ‘no’ is never easy, but the good news is there’s finally a culture developing behind creating positive candidate experiences. With six out of ten candidates reporting a negative candidate experience, we can officially consider this topic a business imperative. Not because it directly affects candidates’ perception but because it also deeply ties into the employer brand. Companies and organizations with strong employer brands see a 43% decrease in hiring costs and are finally realizing the impact of candidate experience and human capital.

All of this is important to know because 64% of candidates with a poor experience have vowed they are less likely to become a customer or advocate for brands that leave them feeling undervalued. A good example you may have heard about is the Virgin Media debacle in which the candidate experience cost the company $5 Million in revenue. Although this was aggregated over time, the moral of the story is clear: candidates can and will rock the boat if treated unfairly.

The ways in which you engage with candidates throughout and after the hiring process lends itself to create a big splash for companies. 80% of candidates use the hiring process to determine how a company treats its employees. That experience can either generate waves of positivity or a tsunami of backlash.

Recent research indicates that 33% of job seekers expect an automated email after applying to a job, but oftentimes, these emails don’t come or lack a personal touch. And, with 73% of candidates feeling as though the job search process is one of the most stressful things in life, why not make candidates feel like they’re being looked out for by a good friend?

Obviously, this is fancy, new technology, but if you think about it, it’s something really simple creating a really big impact on your brand. The basic facts are simple:

  • Candidate Experience directly affects the business bottom line
  • If perceived negatively, your employer brand could make or break a company’s success
  • Personalizing candidate rejections creates lasting relationships between your company and its audience
  • Enhancing the candidate experience is just the right thing to do.

Introducing: Joonko’s White-Labeled Candidate Experience (or as we like to call it: Branded Emails)

Taking candidate rejection to a fresh new level, Joonko’s newest feature provides employers the opportunity to stamp their own employer brand on each and every candidate farewell.

Every Joonko customer utilizing Joonko’s ‘White-Labeled Candidate Experience’ has the opportunity to take ownership of the candidate opt-in email they receive before joining our pool of talent. With a long list of benefits outside of enhanced candidate experience and employer branding, the feature comes with quality benefits:

  • Display a full-proof employer brand throughout the candidate rejection process:
    • Upload a custom email banner
    • Add a company logo and personal signature
    • Display brand colors on buttons and social media icons
  • Craft a unique experience that belongs solely to your company:
    • Create custom candidate messaging and subject lines
    • Send candidates off in a considerate manner with a personalized email

Think about it. Have you ever received a well-written, branded rejection email encouraging you to apply to other opportunities at forward-thinking and diversity-oriented companies?

Our guess? Probably not.

Can you imagine the impact that would leave on your candidates? We can, and it’s a good one.

Okay, I’m hooked. But, why are these branded emails so great?

Just from our beta testing with a few of our customers, we’ve seen several improvements:

  • From adding social media links to branded opt-in emails, we’ve seen a 53% increase in online engagement from recently-rejected candidates
  • Candidates reported feeling 86% more satisfied with the overall experience
  • 42% of candidates have returned to company career pages to look for other relevant opportunities

Alright, So How Does It Work?

Every candidate in our pool receives an opt-in email regardless if a company has the ‘White-Labeled Candidate Experience’ Feature or not.

It looks a little something like this:


As great as our basic email may seem, what if your email could look like this?

2Pretty sweet, right?

These personalized touches lead candidates to feel a bonded relationship with both you and your brand. The simple touch of adding a signature not only makes a rejection a little bit softer of a blow, but it gives candidates a direct line to communicate any questions or feedback about the interview process. In fact, 51% of job seekers claim that having someone’s direct contact would positively affect their experience.

Another nice addition that we’ve seen from testing is candidates are much more likely to interact with your brand after the process just with the simple inclusion of social buttons. It’s a small thing that can cause candidates to positively associate with your brand and keep up with big announcements or future job opportunities. Remember, a ‘no’ right now doesn’t have to mean a ‘no’ forever.

“This is really cool, but I really don’t have time to build this out right now.”

We get it. You’re busy, and each day in Talent Acquisition, hiring and D&I work can be an adventure. You have nothing to worry about, we’ve thought about that, too.

We realize other things come up and take precedence, so if you never get around to building a super cool, totally-awesome, candidate experience-enhancing email that will blow your employer brand completely out of the water (in a good way) ...we’ve got your back.

No matter what, recently rejected candidates opted-in to Joonko’s pool will be forwarded additional job opportunities at other forward-thinking companies like yours. We’ll make sure they still have a great candidate experience, but the important thing here is that we want them to know it’s coming from your company in your own words. It will really make a difference, trust us.

With benefits like these, why wouldn’t you want to brand your candidate experience?

So, now that we’ve covered all that, the bottom line is that we’re extremely proud to offer Joonko’s ‘White-Labeled Candidate Experience’ feature, and help you strengthen your employer brand. As you can probably tell, the employer brand and candidate experience have to be made a top priority in today’s hiring cycles. Without carrying focus on these vital parts of business success, employers will lose traction on revenue and quality applications. As we live in this space on a daily basis, we’re here to help maximize your efforts however we can. And, we’ll do so effortlessly!


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